A group showing of made-in-Johannesburg ceramics.
Exploring the 2018 zeitgeist and inclination towards re-turning inward and all that surrounds it.


Sandra Legg Safe Haven

A group showing of ceramics. Exploring the 2018 “hygge” lifestyle trend.

Or the current inclination towards re-turning, inward, to seek a cosy, contented, warm, safe and comforted, mode of being.

From Danish culture the word “hygge” or “nesting” has a lot to do with our state of mind.  It’s about yearning and learning to be happy with the simple things in life. This group ceramics exhibition has been curated to show a breath-taking selection of works by leading and emerging local ceramicists including:

Bob Wagener, Caroline Schulz Vieira, Charleen Brunke, Claire Waters, Colleen Lehmkuhl, Dale Lambert, Lalage Hunter, Michelle Legg, Retief van Wyk, Richard Pullen, Sandy Goercke and Sandy Godwin.

The show will also feature selected digital photographic works by Sandra Legg.  And ceramics mentor and teacher, Michelle Legg will host two workshops for experienced and novice ceramicists alike at the gallery during the exhibition.  To book email Click here for more info.

Opening night for the public Thursday 3 May, 6pm onwards. All welcome & free. Show ends Thurs 31 May.

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