Ile: How to say home in Yoruba” – A Solo Exhibition of Paintings by Solomon Omogboye

Says Nigerian artist, Solomon Omogboye (a previous winner of Lagos State Polytechnic’s, “Artist of the Year” award), “I like people to judge the mastery of my work, via the parameters of physicality and chemistry. – As reflected in the portraits I paint and the colours I use.”

Solomon’s close-up portraits of the children, women and men he sees on the streets strikingly capture a person in a moment. Each seems to abound with its own energy, via expressive gestural marks that suggest an artist in love with his craft. And painting in a state-of-flow. There’s also a seemingly-effortless spontaneity about his work. Achieved, in part, by Solomon’s unusual colour palettes. These are sometimes referred to as “magical” by buyers of his paintings – many of whom now reside in private collections in Africa, Europe and America.

The artist believes this new body of work showcases his experimentation, discovery and contemporary approach to painting. And tell of a love of learning and pushing beyond the comfort zone. “Reproducing reality holds little but painting the soul conveys the essence.  Less is more. “Says Solomon.

Darryl Gray and Mandy Walker, curators at the Henry George Gallery add, “Painting from gut-feel and a response from the buying art market to match

– this is all artists of Solomon’s calibre and work ethic, should need right now to build a solid reputation.”

Visit this exhibition, on until 25 August, at the Henry George Gallery, 45, 6th Street, Parkhurst. Works priced from R4 500 – R39 000.