Current Exhibition: 31 OCTOBER – 16 NOVEMBER 2019

Michael Meyersfeld “n o t i o n a l”

As we prepare the gallery to hold quiet space for the intriguing new abstract works forming part of Michael Meyersfeld’s “NOTIONAL” exhibition our excitement grows exponentially. We hear it all the time that life is becoming “too much” and that is why we have pared it all down as we head towards the end of the year. We encourage you to join us and bring your friends, to marvel at these images which we hope will provide a moment of reflection, stillness and personal interpretation.
In the words of the artist: “ In these works, ‘the familiar’ is absent and one’s imagination is called upon. We no longer recognise the ‘forest, castle or portrait’ – we are cast adrift from our comfort zone. And this is where my work is at this moment: to capture the unseen, the unrecognised and the unfamiliar.”

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Featured Art Work.

Spring Hillside

R40 000.00

Type: Oil on Canvas
Size: 150X130cm



Type: Oil on Canvas
Size: 60X40cm


R15 000.00

Type: Oil on Canvas
Size: 100X70cm



Type: Oil on Canvas
Size: 31X37cm

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