Wunderkammer Artist Reveal: Roxy Kaczmarek

Roxy Kaczmarek was born in the United Kingdom and grew up in Cape Town. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Art (Hons), majoring in printmaking, at the University of Cape Town in 2012. She worked at Warren Editions Print Studio as a Printer and Studio Manager until 2016. Currently, she works at the David Krut Workshop in operations and printing.

Kaczmarek recently completed her Masters in Technology at the University of Johannesburg graduating cum laude. Her paintings and prints for the Masters exhibition ‘Third Landscapes’ (2019) interrogate the intersection of plants and people within liminal spaces of the city. The body of work explores traditional and contemporary forms of printmaking, the work experiments with a combination of print and cement. By bringing attention to marginalised urban greenery in between the spaces controlled by humans as well as undisturbed natural areas, Kaczmarek brings into focus how city dwellers are informed by and in turn inform the urban landscape.

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