Wunderkammer artist reveal: Claire Lichtenstein


“I am a painter, an explorer of substances.

For me, every work is a process of discovery, a submersive exploration into the visceral qualities of paint. I am interested in the psychology of substances. When I work I immerse myself in the materials I’m experimenting with, navigating my way through the possibilities, holding on toone thing and discarding another.
My work is deeply personal, raw and sometimes exposed. It’s emotional indulgence, romantic in its melancholy and beautiful in its darkness. It’s a combination of substance and raw surface, light and darkness, pleasure and pain, blooming and decay.

I like to describe my work as visual poetry. There is a relationship between the process and the finished work. I feel as though the painting takes on a vibration – an essence – a presence of its own, reflecting my own experience onto the viewer. My love of the tactile, behavioural elements of nature have played a significant role in influencing my subject matter. I like the idea of alchemy in paint. I think my works represent the deeper emotions in us – that they are “images of interiority”, to quote Gaston Bachelard, the elemental philosopher.”

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