Wunderkammer artist reveal: Claire Manicom

Claire is an artist that is interested in interpreting and understanding the world. She believes that creativity is a tool that can be used to change our own and other people’s lives.
Curiosity and intrigue are the core driving factor of her art.  her art is an extension of the stream of consciousness that runs through her mind. A ribbon of moments and observations that come from thousands of places at once, cluttered and tangled, but clear and concise at the same time.
Her art is about actually SEEING what others only look at. The wonderful waylaid moments and places set adrift for my eye’s perceptive lens to capture. I want the viewer to explore the unconventional environment that surrounds them.
I try to tell them the untold stories of creative spaces and processes. To show them the beauty in decay and change. To get them to indulge in the chaos within my head. To let them into the temple of my world, watched over by the guardians of “unknowledge”, the Hadedas of this City.

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