Wunderkammer artists reveal: Elizabeth Tristram

Elizabeth Tristram did her BFA at Rhodes University (2008) after which she got her Master’s Degree in Art History (2010). She majored in painting for her BFA, working predominantly in oils. Her final year exhibition was a series focusing on the fluidity of memory. After graduation in 2011, Elizabeth moved to Pretoria and started her career as a self employed instructional and graphic designer. In 2016, she started working with watercolour and soon realised that she needed to be creating art full time. 


In 2018, Elizabeth began working under the guidance of local printmaker, Mimi van der Merwe. Elizabeth’s main mediums are reduction linocut and watercolour. She is primarily a process-based artist, exploring the creative boundaries and methods behind both printmaking and painting. Her work is also often centred thematically around nostalgia and memory. 

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