Current Exhibition: 13 February – 8 march 2020

“Here i brought you a dead thing…”

“A universally romantic gesture”

On birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, the traditional way of saying “I care” is the presentation of a bouquet of flowers. This is considered a universally romantic gesture. However, if you ignore the traditional symbolism, it is the presentation of a collection of previously living organisms that will wilt and rot fairly soon. Often bred specifically for that purpose.
Humans have always been perversely fascinated with death and dying; we explore it, we try to make sense of it, we try to delay it, but in the late 20th and 21st century the focus seems to have shifted to the denial of death (at least in Western culture). An example of this shift can be found in a practice that has almost died out – the possession of a lucky rabbit’s foot. Another amputated object that we endowed with meaning. We also anthropomorphise the behavior of cats and interpret their offerings of death as “gifts”.
The theme of this exhibition invites you to consider the representation of your own mortality and constant reminders thereof in everyday life.
This exhibition is conceptualised and curated by Elizabeth Tristram and Amy Jane van den Bergh.

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