JENNY REYNEKE: In Visibility.

6 – 31 July 2019

“Perhaps the world, the land, the earth holds the marks we leave. Mark upon mark of all that has come before us… raw… imperfect. And yet as a whole, all experience, all imperfection gathers to form a new image…”

This collection of 51 works explore ‘In Visibility’ and how the liberation of entering into the middle age phase of Jenny’s life brings with it a focus on the interior workings of her psyche rather than on the outward physical. In this series Jenny grapples with societal perceptions of what constitutes beauty and what is accepted and worthy to be seen as opposed to the truths that she is uncovering which render these societal perceptions irrelevant and powerless. Through this series of exploration on canvas, she exposes the vulnerable within herself and in so doing constructing an acceptance of who she is and what she stands for, whose opinions she is allowed and whose perceptions she rejects.

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